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Don't Wait for Opportunities, Create Them.

At Maximator VETEQ, we believe in the power of pro-active decision-making and seizing opportunities. Do you share this approach? We invite you to become part of our team. Because together, we can navigate challenges, capitalise on opportunities and pave the way for success.

The World Market Leader in Hydrogen Vessel Test Equipment.

Our company has pioneered the development of specialised testing equipment for hydrogen tanks.

Our plants are built to test vessels of 350 or 700 bar pressure.

We are world leader in hydrogen vessel testing, thanks to our unique testing systems. By focusing entirely on vessel testing technology and equipement, we are able to offer flexibility and reliability. This allows us to meet the specific requirements and often exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Values.

We as a Team.

We are all a contributing factor to the success of our business. Together we form the most valuable asset of our company. We foster a culture of openness and provide regular feedback. We encourage personal development and further education.

Our Responsibility.

As we embrace our products, we establish long-term partnerships with our customers to customise our products in the most efficient way possible. These partnerships are the basis for our business success, as well as the customers' success.

We as Humans.

So evident that it shouldn't be mentioned: A respectful attitude towards one another is required at Maximator VETEQ. We all have the same motivation and are consequently working together.

Our Customers.

One of our main reasons for establishing Maximator VETEQ as a stand-alone brand was to be able to focus on our customers and their specific business requirements thoroughly. Therefore, our employees ensure that each of our customers feels their enquiry is our top priority.


We are committed to making sustainable choices in all operations and working to reduce our carbon footprint and combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Constant Change.

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, we strive for steady improvements and do not shy away from taking calculated risks. At the same time, we aim to optimise our processes for maximum efficiency.

Passenger Cars

Our testing units are able to proof hydrogen vessels under highest conditions (700bar)

Light Commercial Vehicles

Our testing units are able to proof hydrogen vessels under highest conditions (700bar)

Heavy Duty Vehicles

Our testing units are able to proof hydrogen vessels under highest conditions (700bar)

VETEQ - Vessel Test Equipment

Within our testing units we provide testing solutions for most of the business cases in the area of hydrogen vessels.

Vessel Test Equipment for
Passenger Cars
Light Commercial Vehicle
Heavy Duty Vehicle
Nominal working pressure [bar]
350 or 700
350 or 700
Types of vessels
Type IV
Type IV
Type IV
Number of vessels per vehicle
2 - 3
3 - 5
4 - 6
Vessel diameter [mm]
150 - 400
200 - 500
400 - 800
Vessel length [mm]
600 - 1200
800 - 2500
2200 - 4000
Vessel volume [l]
20 - 100
50 - 200
200 - 600
You need:
Size S
Size M
Size L

Unique high-end Testing Systems

An article from IKZ

In Dröschede Maximator VETEQ produces high-end testing technologies for hydrogen vessels.

New Branding

Maximator VETEQ with a new Brand

Within the first three months of 2023 Maximator VETEQ has created a complete new brand. All about the "green bear" in this article.