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Fair Payment

We firmly believe that appropriate compensation for our highly valued employees is fundamental as we recognise the vital significance of financial stability and well-being in today's economy.

Job Security

We are committed to providing a stable and supportive work environment that promotes both the continued long-term stability and career advancement of our valued team members, knowing that their staying is not only beneficial to them but also a smart business investment in our continued success and stability as a company.


We strive to create a welcoming work environment that encourages a community mindset, enhances productivity, and promotes positive engagement between our team members

Meaningful Work

Our dedication to the promotion of hydrogen as a future energy source stems from our commitment to environmental responsibility, as we made it our mission to contribute to a sustainable world through the development of a clean hydrogen mobility.

Forward Thinking

We are devoted to thinking proactively, understanding that in order to remain relevant and competitive, it is vital to anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and determination.

Employee Development

We are fully committed to the development of our employees, recognising that they are our most valuable asset, and we firmly believe that investing in their professional growth and advancement is critical to the success of our company.

VETEQ: A brand standing for future and innovation.

At Maximator VETEQ we are shaping the international hydrogen economy, and our Iserlohn site plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

We are designing highly advanced and innovative hydrogen vessel test systems for safe hydrogen transport and storage, ensuring maximum safety and reliability in the industry.

Welcome to Iserlohn.
Welcome to the "Waldstadt".

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Facility Manager (m/w)d)

Werkstudent H2-Hochdruck (m/w/d)

Sales Engineer (m/w/d)

Projektmanager (m/w/d)