Burst Pressure Test Stand for Hydrogen Composite Pressure Vessels

• For vessels up to 900L with a max. burst pressure of 2.500bar
• For vessels with nominal working pressure up to 700 bar
• Test fluid is water
• Maximator air driven hydraulic pump unit
• Test stand located in sea freight container


The use case of the Maximator VETEQ Burst Test Stand is the bursting of hydrogen composite pressure vessels by using water under ambient conditions. The tank will be pressurized up to burst or target pressure (max. 2.500bar). National and international regulations as well as customer specifications mandate batch testing to ensure performance and safety of the hydrogen composite pressure vessel.

The Maximator VETEQ Burst Test Stand is located in one sea freight container including tubular test chamber, Maximator air driven hydraulic pump unit and HMI (depending on request). We can offer optionally also a lifting crane and a trolley system.

Key Benefits

Each module can also be purchased separately (e.g. burst test chamber)
• Test sample volume: up to 900L
• Test sample pressure: 350bar or 700bar
• Test sample length: up to 4.000mm
• Test sample diameter: up to 1.000mm
• Test pressure: up to 2.500bar
• Fluid: Water
• Handling: manual


Patrick Schulte

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)


Dominik Michalski

Sales Engineer


Tobias Päschel

Sales Engineer