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Leak Test Stands

The Maximator VETEQ leak test stands have a modular design so that the leak test stand always fits exactly to the requirements of our customers. We distinguish between fully automatic and semi-automatic test stands with either vacuum chambers or accumulation chambers.

Burst Pressure Test Stands

Maximator VETEQ’s bursting pressure test stands are available with a square or round test chamber. Both test chambers are proven with hundreds of burst pressure tests of type IV vessels. We offer complete test stands with pressure generation and single burst test chambers for sale.

Proof Pressure Test Stands

Proof pressure test stands from Maximator VETEQ are designed for both manual and automatic vessel loading. The test chambers are designed for failure during the proof pressure test and we have paid special attention to cycle time optimization.

Pressure Cycle Test Stand

Our pressure cycle test stands use our very-own hydraulic pressure intensifiers with an intelligent drive concept. The advantages are the unsurpassed energy efficiency and the very high control accuracy. Maximator VETEQ offers the pressure cycle test stands with and without safe test chambers.

Development / Certification

Composite Flaw




Accelerated Stress Rupture Test

Hydrogen Pressure Cycle Test


Boss Torque

Batch - Tests

Boss Torque

End of Line "EoL" - Tests

Vessel Test Equipment for
Passenger Cars
Light Commercial Vehicle
Heavy Duty Vehicle
Nominal working pressure [bar]
350 or 700
350 or 700
Types of vessels
Type IV
Type IV
Type IV
Number of vessels per vehicle
2 - 3
3 - 5
4 - 6
Vessel diameter [mm]
150 - 400
200 - 500
400 - 800
Vessel length [mm]
600 - 1200
800 - 2500
2200 - 4000
Vessel volume [l]
20 - 100
50 - 200
200 - 600
You need:
Size S
Size M
Size L

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Within Maximator VETEQ we have created a complete new company to provide the best service to our customers. In Iserlohn our team of experts has full focus on your Test Equipment.

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Making History with Hydrogen in Iserlohn

Our Products Are Unique In The World.

Within our unique test equipment we provide a safe sustainable Mobility. For our customers we provide testing processes on highest standards.

"We want to make history with hydrogen in Iserlohn"
Robin Trompetter
CEO Maximator VETEQ GmbH

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We are committed to delivering unmatched levels customised solutions to our customers to ensure their successful business. Our commitment enables us to develop the best possible solution for every business case.

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Our Test Equipment provides testing capacities up to 50.000 Vessels per year.

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