Maximator VETEQ, founded in 2022, is focused on “Vessel Test Equipment” especially for hydrogen storage system within automotive sector.

A key for the hydrogen mobility is the much lightweight solution as well as much higher range of the vehicles. To reach this range as much as possible hydrogen needs to be transported on the vehicle. An increasement of hydrogen on-board is possible by using high pressure up to 700 bar within the hydrogen composite pressure vessels. Such high pressure requires high quality and safety standards . Maximator VETEQ is the specialist for automated testing systems for serial vessel testing, customized to the requirements of our customers, ensuring that the tested vessels fulfill these high quality and safety requirements.

Growth. Trust.


We are committed to establish a trustful partnership with our customers and thereby drive the needed growth and innovation of a sustainable hydrogen mobility.

Our Big Vision.

Our vision is to protect endangered habitats by providing sustainable mobility at safe standards.

Our Big Mission.

Our mission is to maintain our position as the world market leader in vessel test equipment solutions and thereby become a major contributor to sustainable mobility worldwide.

World Market Leader

Driven by our Vision.

Our VETEQ team is entirely focused on vessel test equipment.

Maximator VETEQ is built from a solid commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

From the beginning, Maximator VETEQ has focused on providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

We apply advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to guarantee that our products meet the most stringent accuracy, reliability, and safety requirements.

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“The hydrogen market is growing exponentially. In Iserlohn, we will make history with hydrogen”

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Carl-Leonard Glinz

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Michael Hoerold

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Patrick Schulte

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)


Tanja Holler

Assistant to the Managing Directors


Philipp Finger

Head of Marketing & Recruiting