Leak Test Stand for Hydrogen Composite Pressure Vessels

• For vessels up to 600L with test pressure up to 875 bar
• Cycle time about 5-30min. (depending on vessel volume)
• Fully automatic with transport system
• Accumulation or vacuum test chambers
• Nitrogen-Helium-Mix or Nitrogen-Hydrogen-Mix as test gas
• Including flushing and OTV function test


The use case of the Maximator VETEQ leak test stand is the leak test at the end of the production process of hydrogen composite pressure vessels. National and international regulations as well as customer specifications mandate end-of-line leak testing to ensure performance and safety of every vessel. The leak test is performed with a tracer gas which allows fast and accurate integral testing in a vacuum or accumulation chamber. During testing, the vessels can be safely pressurized and the tracer gas is recovered during depressurization.

The Maximator VETEQ Leak Test Stand is divided into 3 sizes to fit all commonly produced vessel sizes. Based on the vessel dimensions and later application, customers can configure the proven modular design in the sizes S, M or L. The chart afterwards shows the delimitations between these 3 different sizes.  

Key Benefits

• Handling style: manual or automatic
• Test gas: 95% N2 mixed with 5% H2 or 90% N2 mixed with 10% He
• Measurement: integral with accumulation or vacuum chamber
• Test sample pressure: 350 bar or 700 bar
• Test sample volume: 20-600 L
• Test sample length: 600-4000 mm
• Test sample diameter: 150-800 mm
• Gas recovery rate: up to 98%
• Flushing process: included with 100% nitrogen
• Cycle time: 5-180 min



Patrick Schulte

Vertriebsleiter (CSO)


Dominik Michalski



Tobias Päschel